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The Aquavits are made on request and are spiced according to the seasons.


  • Suovas, lightly cold smoked (All year)

  • Tarragon marinated fillet, Christmas spices or cognac / Juniper (All year except "Christmas spices")

  •  Reindeer ham, smoked or dried (All year)

  • Elk ham, smoked (All year)



  • Cognac / Juniper


  • Orange / Juniper (November - March)

  • Mustard / Tarragon (All year)

  • Cranberry / Vodka (December, January)

  • Spicy, Lime / Sichuan Pepper (November - March)

  • Exotic, Lime / Pepper (March - October)

  • Christmas special, Christmas tree (End of November - Mid-January)

  • Valentine's Day Special Red, Horseradish (February- May)

  • Citrus / Ginger (March-August)

  • Saffron / Cognac (December)


  • Lingonberries (All year)

  • Juniper and Gin (All year)

  • Safran (December)


  • Mustard

  • Onion (inlagd)

  • Christmas


  • Safran (December)

  • Ginger / Coriander


Gravlax tartare in a glass

  •  salmon marinated in mustard, with fresh onions, tarragon, crème fraîche, mini-wrap pickles

Gravlax (rolls)

  • nordic wrap bread, marinated salmon, horseradish cream,mini-plate of 3 marinated salmon, Winter (Christmas)

  • orange / juniper - fir - mustard - lime / szechuan

Tilsit verrine Royal 

  • mixture: cheese, egg, red onion, bleak caviar, Nordic shrimp (crème fraîche)

Toast Skagen

  • nordic shrimp, mayo, dill, bleak caviar / salmon caviar / lumpfish roe

Gravlax Swiss Rolls 

  • Wrap bread, classic gravlax, shrimp, horseradish cream, chives

 Marinated Arctic Char Carpaccio Mini-Plate

  • Marinated Arctic char, rapeseed oil, marinated chanterelles, marinated beetroot

Marinated Salmon Toast (Pelle Jansson)

  • Slice of salmon, bleak caviar / salmon caviar 50gr, horseradish, egg yolk, country bread (L. Bretzel Ge)

Cod Marinated in Saffron with Pancetta

  • Marinated cod, pancetta, Scandinavian bread, dill

Swedish-Japanese marinated Arctic char

  • 4 slices of spiced char with wasabi and sesame sauce 

Cheese Cake (Tilsit) with Ablette Caviar / Salmon Caviar / Lumpfish Eggs, Crème Fraiche

  • Cake slices


Mini-Carpaccio of Marinated Reindeer Meat with Beets, Seared Apples Cumin Sauce

  • 4-6 slices of reindeer, beet salad, sauce: capers, Russian pickle, tabasco, rapeseed, cumin.

Mini Marinated Beef Carpaccio with Mustard Sauce

  • 4-6 slices of beef, sauce: tarragon, mustard, rapeseed oil.

Mini-sofa with Suovas Rennes and its Red Onion Chutney

  • Black pumpernickel bread, pan-fried suovas, red onion chutney, pickled cucumber.

Scrambled Egg Canape with * Suovas

  • Black pumpernickel bread, salted butter, scrambled egg, * suovas, pink peppers, chives.

Mini-Toast with Country Bread (L. Bretzel. Ge) with Rennes Tartare

  • Mix of marinated reindeer, smoked reindeer, raw reindeer, dried tomatoes, salted cucumbers, crème fraîche.

 Mini-sofa Kavring Bread with Dried Reindeer and Marinated Chanterelles

  • Black Swedish bread with molasses, dried reindeer, marinated chanterelles.Mini-wrap (rolls) with Reindeer meat and Horseradish Cream

  • Swedish Lapp bread, smoked reindeer, horseradish cream, pickled cucumber. * SUOVAS is a reindeer meat lightly salted and cold smoked by the Scandi Lapps

*SUOVAS is reindeer meat lightly salted and cold smoked by Scandinavian Lapps in their Tipi.

*KAVRING (Available on delivery from Sweden) is a black molasses bread that goes very well with reindeer. Can be replaced by a black bread from L. Bretzel Ge

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