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Gravat (Swedish) is originally a preservation technology that served to extend the storage life of raw fish and meat. It literally means “buried”, as it was stored in the ground before the introduction of the fridge. It is a “dry” marinated process. Unlike salted, which is then leached before cooking or pickling, gravat brings a balanced delicate salty-sweet flavour that also facilitates the osmosis that revokes the flavours of added spices, herbs and extracts.

Gravlax is best known as dill-seasoned. But, as Catharina says,

“It can be bought in a plastic blister-pack in a supermarket any time”. The closest we come is perhaps the spruce needles salmon that we produce for the winter-season.

Importantly, the various recipes are of;

  • Nordic tradition and RàVAROR (raw material)

  • Gastronomic creativity and international influence

  • Fresh, locally produced and with seasonal ingredients of high organic quality

Gravat prides itself in the practice of true food craft. In our business we call it “mathantverk” in Swedish:

Mathantverk is the basis of unique products with a rich taste, high quality and clear identity. These are developed, principally, from local produce, carefully elaborated in small-scale production and often direct from the farm (or location of catch). The hallmark of food craftsmanship is that human hand and knowledge are both present throughout the whole chain of production. This leads to healthy products without unnecessary additives, traceable to their origins. Pure artisanal craftsmanship highlights good food based on established tradition further developing the methods that create truly innovative products. (Eldrimner)

Currently, we are working with salmon (Salmo salar) of the absolute highest quality, alpine trout (Salvelinus alpinus) and fillet of beef.

Game meat and other species of fish are also in development.

We are active in wholesale, portion-food (markets and events), takeaways and catering. Our events presentation is based on Nordic association and tradition.

We collaborate with and develop within Slow Food international and Eldrimner true food craft in Sweden.


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Gravat is the brainchild of Catharina Wallén and Claes Berglund. The two co-founders.


Catharina was born in Stockholm but spent most of her childhood in Geneva followed by an international career in interior architecture and -design.

Passionate about food and culture Catharina began in 2012 to develop thoughts of gastronomy and especially Nordic food culture. An old family recipe for snaps (aquavit) with orange and juniper was the beginning of a whole series of recipes for gravlax, Swedish for marinated salmon, which was developed over a two-year period.

Claes was born in Stockholm and has family roots in the F&B business. His grandfather Ivar Berglund worked in several famous restaurants in Stockholm like Kronprinsen, Victoria and the Grand Hotel. Claes brought the family-tradition on with apprenticeship at several restaurants and was later employed at Arvid Nordqvist HAB, purveyors to the Royal Court.

He was however enticed by an international career in high technology and has been a resident of Geneva since 1995, working within marketing in the IT, Chemical Analysis and Water Treatment sectors.

For several years now, it has been “back to basics” and Claes has been director of Gravat.


Catering & Events

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